Found A Great Apartment To Rent In Franklin, TN

I was getting ready to move out of my apartment that I rented with a friend. We had a disagreement and it was just time for me to move out. We couldn’t get along to even live together. I started searching for a place to rent.

I went online and searched for apartments to rent in Franklin, TN. I found a few websites with listings for rentals. One of the websites I came across had rentals I could search for based on price. I narrowed my search results down to affordable apartments. I didn’t want to live with a roommate any longer so it would have to be something I could afford on my own. I found a few rentals that I thought were affordable and I contacted the landlords so I could see the apartments in person.

I went and looked at the apartments and liked them both. They were both reasonably priced and even in a good location. I selected the apartment that was closer to my job and I went back to my apartment to start packing my belongings so I could move out as soon as possible.

While I was packing my things, my roommate started a fight with me about moving out and said it wasn’t right that I was leaving her before she found someone else to move in. I told her she would be able to find someone else to move in and it really wasn’t a big deal, but I didn’t want to fight with her.

I got all moved into my new apartment and unpacked all my things. It was such a relief to be living on my own and not worrying about having a roommate that wanted to bicker and fight all the time.