Franklin TN Is A Great Residential Counterpoint To Nashville’s Urban Economy

Franklin TN is a town outside of Nashville. While Franklin does have some jobs and businesses of its own, it’s mostly a bedroom community and suburb for those that actually work in Nashville itself.

Nashville one of the major cities in the Volunteer State, and it’s called “Music City.” Many consider it the home of country music, but a number of other genres are represented quite robustly here as well. On top of that, Nashville has a number of other sectors and industries that are doing quite well, notably health care and anything related to it being the state capital. Hundreds of thousands love calling Nashville home, but there are many that enjoy working there and living somewhere else.

Franklin has proven to be a popular choice for this. Just 21 miles outside Nashville, its small town charm and historic homes and businesses have proven alluring to many who have flocked here. Ironically, this has turned it into not quite such a small town anymore.

The population of Franklin has increased fivefold just since the end of the 1970s, so among all the historic homes and businesses are plenty of homes and businesses that have been built in the last two generations. Some of them are not considered ‘classics’ in their own right, but perhaps not small town charm anymore.

The population of Franklin is now encroaching on the 70,000 mark, and at the time of writing, it is the seventh-largest city in the state. It is in no danger of overtaking Nashville or Memphis, but its clout in state politics and influence is certainly noticeable, particularly as its local economy of residential sales and services generates enough economic activity to start possibly peeling off some of those many jobs in Nashville.