Make Your Way To Franklin TN And Stop By These Two Restaurants As You Get To Know The City

Franklin TN might not be in Davidson County, but it is part of the Nashville metro area. Situated in Williamson County, Franklin is actually approximately 20 miles from the actual city of Nashville, which just shows you how large the Nashville metropolitan area is indeed. This entire area of the state, not just the city of Franklin, has been growing exponentially for years.

Are you thinking about moving to Franklin? It is one of many great choices. Tennessee is a beautiful state, and Franklin is a great choice. You aren’t too far from Nashville and many other great cities. There are fun things to do, great schools on all levels, luxurious neighborhoods, rural living and well, you name it. It is actually #7 on the list of largest Tennessee cities, and did you know that Miley Cyrus is from there?

If you are thinking about relocating to Franklin, you will start to explore the area further and find all kinds of interesting facts and things to do there. What I want to do is keep you well fed when you stop by the city for a visit. I don’t have a home in Franklin, so that’s not an option, but I can certainly point you to a couple good restaurants in the area.

The first establishment I want to tell you about is 55 South. This top ranked restaurant is on Main Street, so it would give you an introduction to downtown Franklin. This establishment is known for its breakfast tacos, Mahi Reubens, burgers and much more. Now for one more recommendation to help you find the right place to eat in Franklin. With two great picks, you should be good to go.

Saffire is another top choice, and you can find it on Franklin Road. This restaurant is known for many delicious menu items, one being chicken fried chicken, which is a favorite of mine. It makes me wonder if they also serve chicken fried steak, my absolute favorite meal. You can surely find out as you make your way to the great city of Franklin TN.