Meat Lovers, Rejoice: Franklin Barbecue Schedules Reopening

EAST AUSTIN, TX — Barbecue lovers, rejoice: The owner of the iconic and oh-so-very-mouth-wateringly-delicious Franklin Barbecue said the restaurant will likely be re-opened in mid-November after a fire forced its temporary closure.

Restaurateur Aaron Franklin told the Austin 360 blog the place will open with limited operations on the week of Nov. 14. Stated another way, that’s 75 briskets a day, with limited to-go orders and limited service. The normal output is 120 briskets a day served up, the blog noted helpfully.

The beloved establishment was closed after an early morning fire on Aug. 26. Franklin told the blog the place will be in full working order by the second or third week of December (almost like a barbecued Christmas gift to the barbecue lovers among us).

The owner said he took advantage of the down time in readying for reopening by remodeling a bit of the interior dining room. The blog notes that those unable to wait until the James Beard Award-winning barbecue joint reopens can head out to the foundation’s Taste America event occurring Friday, Nov. 3, at the W Hotel Austin.

To many, this news may not sound like a big deal. But among the barbecue cognoscenti, Franklin Barbecue is a mecca of sorts. People willingly wait in line to get inside the restaurant for hours at a time. That’s not a typo: Hours. At. A. Time.


So come November, meat eaters citywide will be in the throes of a giddiness that approximates some sort of religious ephiphany.

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