Stop on by These Two Top Franklin Tennessee Restaurants

Franklin, Tennessee isn’t too far from where I used to live, right by Nashville in Murfreesboro. Friends lived in Smyrna, Antioch, Mt. Juliet, Lavergne and more. Traveling through Franklin TN, you’re going to find some great food at some well established restaurants frequented by the locals. Instead of picking out what looks good as you pass on buy, let’s take a look at the top rated restaurants in Franklin, Tennessee.

When have you ever looked up the top restaurant in a city to find that it is also a grocery store? That’s what you get with Puckett’s Grocery and Restaurant.
It is located on 4th Avenue South, and you’re talking pulled pork, hamburgers, fried chicken and all that good southern cooking. In fact, you can wash all of that down with cobbler for dessert. If cobbler is on the dessert menu, you know you are in the south. According to reviews, this restaurant also serves up some great cornbread.

Red Pony Restaurant is your go to spot for all kinds of unique eats. You can enjoy shrimp and grits, a delicious BLT, and how does a brussels sprouts salad sound? I’m not sure about that last one, but you may not be either. You can watch someone else try a brussels sprouts salad while you enjoy a steak or that BLT. It should be mentioned though that the salad is one of the review highlights and not something you see on a menu everyday.

Try out these top Franklin TN restaurants, and then see what all you get into while traveling through the city. It is beautiful country up in there, and make no mistake about it. Unless you are in Nashville or metropolitan Murfreesboro, you are in the country in those parts. Enjoy your stay, and check out other great areas of the state of Tennessee, too.