What Does Franklin Think of Franklin? Check Out the Citizen Survey Results

FRANKLIN, TN — The results of September’s National Citizen Survey are in and Franklin citizens are overwhelming pleased with their hometown. According to the results released Wednesday, 97 percent of Franklin residents rated the city’s quality of life as excellent or good, the 8th-highest figure nationally.

The same percentage of respondents rated Franklin as an excellent or good as a place to live, 13th-best in the nation. The city ranked third for overall image and reputation.

Franklin ranked 8th in the nation for overall confidence in City Government at 76 percent. Overall, 93 percent of residents rated quality of city services as excellent or good.

Sense of community also ranked high as well with 82 percent of residents feeling excellent or good.

When it came to growth management, things got a bit more muddled, with 64 percent saying they were very satisfied or somewhat satisfied with city’s growth management with 34 percent saying they were somewhat or very unsatisfied.


No surprise, too, was the overall disdain for traffic, with 37 percent of respondents ranking traffic flow as poor. Just 1 percent said it was excellent. Sixty-three percent of people rated the availability of mass-transit as poor, as well. A separate question about the bus service between Spring Hill and Nashville indicates that more pick-up and drop-off points would be a major driver to increasing ridership on that route.

Most Franklin residents, too, rated the availability of affordable housing as poor or fair, and in the open-ended portion of the survey, it came up time and again, generating the third-most responses behind traffic and growth management.

The survey was sent to 3,000 randomly selected households, 1060 of those surveys were completed providing an overall response rate of 37 percent. The survey was also open to all citizens online with 324 people responding.

Check out a breakdown of the results, with a variety of cross-tabs and a preview of a PowerPoint presentation.

Image via Wikimedia Commons user Ichabod, used under Creative Commons

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