Williamson Co. community housing leader called out for ‘offensive’ social media posts

FRANKLIN —A community housing director is being asked to remove some of his social media posts and apologize because families in the community say they are offensive and hurtful.

The non-profit Community Housing Partnership of Williamson County works to place low-income, elderly and disabled families into quality housing.

It benefits people of all races, backgrounds and religions.

One of the men in charge of that program has been accused of posting racist and derogatory messages on social media.

One of the posts said liberals are “more dangerous than the KKK.”

Another post defends department store H&M for putting out a controversial ad.

“He is making comments that can be offensive and comments that he has no remorse for,” said Maury County NAACP Director Rev T.D. Byrdsong.

Byrdsong says families who benefit from that housing organization are deeply offended by some of the posts.

“I was not only grieved and appalled, but I was [taken] by surprise by the lack of carelessness and lack of empathy that I saw,” said Byrdsong.

News 4 has reached out to the Director of Development by phone, email and social media, but we have not yet heard back.

Byrdsong says he has gotten in touch with the man and says he is not backing down.

“It’s amazing to me how one can have an attitude of superiority to those who he serves,” said Byrdsong.

Byrdsong told News4 the Community Housing Partnership is a wonderful organization that has helped hundreds of families, but an employee posting things of this nature is simply unacceptable.

Byrdsong also said he is confident the issue will soon be resolved.

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